Fund Your Project

Finding funding for your project can be challenging. Maybe you already have it - GREAT! If not, funding can come from a variety of sources, including federal, state, companies or non-profit programs. Sometimes this funding may require a dollar match by the applicant, or can only be used for certain types of projects. Other times there may be minimum or maximum dollar values put on the request. Trying to keep track of all the funding sources available nationwide is an almost impossible task, especially since these funds sometimes are only for a specific time period. We have put together a partial list that hopefully you may be able to use to get help for your project. Please verify the accuracy of any information posted here, as again these programs are subject to frequent change:

  • Land and Water Conservation Fund - Provides federal grants for acquisition and development of public outdoor recreation facilities to federal, state and local agencies.
  • LL Bean - This company provides support for conservation of natural spaces and ensuring access to outdoor recreation.
  • New England Grassroots Fund - Small grants related to environment and community engagement. Several different categories of grants available.
  • People for Bikes - Supports bicycle infrastructure through grant dollars provided by the bicycle industry.
  • Federal Lands Access Program - Designed to improve transportation facilities that provide access to, are adjacent to, or are located in federal lands.
  • Transportation Alternatives Set Aside Program - Applications accepted include those for on and off road pedestrian and bicycle facilities, multi-use trail projects and safe routes to school.
  • IMBA - The International Mountain Biking Association provides matching grants for bike planning and design services, not construction.
  • Sustainable CT Community Match Fund - Provides fast flexible funding to support sustinability related projects throughout the State of CT. Matches up to $25k, and they will help you crowdfund the remainder.
  • Natural Resources Recreation Enhancement Grant - Several states have funding for recreation enhancement through their own Natural Resources Department.