Planet Zero Gravity, LLC - We Get You Outdoors

Here at Planet Zero Gravity, LLC we have been working hard at redefining our business model. You may remember us as a stainless steel water bottle company. We have not forgotten our roots, so stay tuned for a new product to be released soon. Please visit our 'Water Bottle' page where you can have input on the new design.

We also have a new slogan - 'We Get You Outdoors'. This reflects our expanded outdoor offerings. Not only will we be offering water bottle related products, but we also will have lifestyle apparel and peer to peer gear rentals. What is this you ask? This means renting gear from other like-minded outdoor enthusiasts.

So you see, lots is happening at PZG. Soon we will be able to offer everything you need for a great day outdoors - hydration, apparel and gear. Thanks for you continued support throughout the years!

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